Backbonology Reviews

Leaders from across the spectrum say this about Backbonology:

“Bugay takes us on a journey to make tough decision in our own way, be decisive, yet maintain our humanity. This book provides a path to lead in our own style and make those tough decisions!”
                    Richard D. Roth, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret); Former State Senator for California 31st District

“David Bugay captures the  challenges and conflicts associated with leadership in difficult times. His insights get to the heart of the dilemma facing leaders who need to make tough decisions.” 
                   Eloy Oakley, Chancellor California Community Colleges

“Effective decision making and leadership require a tough resolve in ways that demonstrate respect and decency. Doc D uses practical examples, short stories, and his own experiences.” 
                    Steven Andelson, Esq., author of FRISK – Fundamentals for Evaluators in Addressing
                                       Below-Standard Employee Performance

“Authoritatively written and well organized, “Backbonology” is an all-in-one guidebook ideal for anyone who has to make tough decisions.  You can use after reading the first few chapters.”
                    Don Busché, Ed.D., author of Adventures on the Internet

“By applying the leadership system Doc D teaches you will experience explosive results in your work and help your organization rise to a new level of innovation and performance.”  
                    Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Seller, author of Destinies: Motivating Stories
                                       from Ordinary People Who Created Extraordinary Results

“Not only does Backbonology do a wonderful job at shining light on the art of making difficult decisions, but it does so in a fun and relatable way with a soulful touch.”
                    Jason Olsen, President and CEO of Image Studios 360