Meet Doc D

Doc D, the penname for David P. Bugay, PhD, has a reputation as a high-energy speaker, author, poet, and playwright. He has spent over two decades in higher education as an executive administrator and faculty member. He has also held positions for almost a decade in kindergarten-through-twelfth-grade education as principal and administrator. An organizational behaviorist, he has served on thepresident for the Association of Chief Human Resource Officers and on the boards of the Association of California Community College Administrators, International Higher Education Teaching Learning, and Leadership Oakland. Dr. Bugay has a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the Union Institute and University accompanied by an MBA from Oakland University. He currently serves as president of Backbone House, partner at Bugay, Busche, and Associates, and as a professor at Irvine Valley College (in 2019!). David resides in Orange County, California with his family and friends, especially his wonderful wife, Suzie Bugay.

Backbonology: Tough Decisions at Work, just released, a 312-page book that provides powerful principles to help leaders enhance their decision-making with a focused approach which engages all parts of their personality into decision making. New York Times best-selling author Peggy McColl probably says this best about Backbonology. She says, By applying the leadership system Doc D teaches in this book, you will experience explosive results in your work and help your organization rise to a whole new level of innovation, performance, and customer loyalty. Doc D explains, with realistic examples, exactly what it takes to make tough decisions in both your professional and personal life.” Dr. Bugay can be available for speaking on any topic in Backbonology or customize according to your needs as a key note or through workshops but has a special focus on the following topics to help you and your organization become successful:

 Backbonology: Tough Decisions – Leaders can pause and hesitate to step up and make tough decisions. Dr. Bugay provides steps to help leaders to assess situations through their own strengths to move forward as confident decision-makers, ready to move their organization forward.

 Building Change that Sticks – Everyone wants change but hates it when it applies to themselves! This program provides a leader with an understanding of the fears to change, the types of changes, and how to implement change so people will accept and even come to embrace change.

The Soul-Centered Leader – The best of leaders can lose themselves in the day-to-day operations of work. This program provides steps of action to refocus the audience to lead and keep their own personality intact while empowering them to step up when necessary to make those tough decisions.